Support for Horse Owners

If you are struggling with behaviour problems with your horse, we can help! No matter what the problem, our science-based approach will help to identify the cause of the problem and we can then guide and support you to solve the issue.


Have a look at our process and you’ll understand how we work with horses with problems to help them to become easy to handle and, if appropriate, safe to ride.



Or maybe you are looking to improve your relationship with your horse? A connected, trusting relationship brings joy to you both and is the necessary foundation for training. Our approach is all about creating and building that kind of relationship. We train everything from daily handling to riding with confidence. Whatever you need and want to do with your horse  we can help!


Online Support

 The starting place is online coaching. We welcome you to have an initial chat with us by email. We will discuss what you need and how we can best help you. 


Claire’s story with Segura shows how successful online coaching is with solving training and behaviour problems with your horse. Claire had no-one local who could help her so she signed up for online coaching with Rachel. By the end of the year, working together only online, Segura had become happy, relaxed and a safe riding horse. And Claire had found a new career!


Horse-Centered Learning Holidays

We welcome you to join us at our Centre for live lessons with our horses. We have up to 10 equines who are in various stages of behavioural rehabilitation and training. You will find that our horses always teach exactly you what you need to learn. It’s like magic! 


Go to Horse-Centered Learning Holidays for all the information you need to plan your visit.



Please Support Us

We are a Registered Charity and need donor funds to help us to keep our horses and spread the message about the best way to train and rehab horses. Please consider even a small monthly donation to join with us in making the world a better place for horses. Thanks.