Claire Waldron

Claire's home, Cortijo de Segura, is the home of Positive Horse Training Spain. She is the Director of the Charity and is responsible for the daily management of the horses.

Claire has loved horses and ridden all her life. Her early horse years included County Shows and One Day Eventing as well as helping and teaching at her local riding school. 

Claire has an  HND in Equine Management & Technology, which included a year out at Leahurst’s Equine Hospital running the Equine Practice and teaching vet students about general horse handling. Claire was fortunate to work with Dr Derek Knottenbelt, who inspired her to write her dissertation on sarcoid treatment and management. 

In 2006 Claire and her family moved to Granada, Spain and it was then that her dreams of having her own horse at home came true.Her first horse in Spain was Segura, a rescue mare with behavioural and emotional issues with people, after very harsh treatment. To help her understand her new equine partner better Claire gained a Certificate in Applied Equine Behaviour and went on to complete a Centre of Excellence Equine Psychology Diploma. 


Finding Connection Training

However, Segura's behaviour continued to be very challenging for Claire. Even with 30 years' experience with horses she realised that she needed some specialist help. She joined Connection Training 's Elite Coaching Program in 2014 and began to learn all she could about Positive Reinforcement Training. The results were amazing. Segura regained her confidence and she and Claire developed a very special relationship. Their lives were changed forever.


The results were so dramatic, Claire decided to train to become a Connection Training Qualified Instructor.  She took on two foster ponies from A.R.C.H.  Rescue Centre in Malaga, who had had a very bad start in life. Hope was almost completely blind and Valiente was un-handleable and acted aggressively towards people. She also trained horses at a local trekking centre in order to increase her experience of training many different horses using positive reinforcement.


Claire becomes the world's first Connection Training Qualified Instructor

Claire was a guest speaker at the  2016 Connection Training Conference in the UK. The theme was "Riding with Connection" and she shared her story about working with Segura and training her to become a confident riding horse. During that Conference, Claire also achieved her goal of becoming the first Connection Training Instructor in the world. In the same amazing month, she and Rachel decided to join forces to create Positive Horse Training Spain. 


Positive Horse Training Spain

Claire and Rachel had both dreamed of opening a centre of excellence for equine management and training. Positive Horse Training Spain was how they made their dream come true. They decided to rescue horses from the Spanish meat market and run courses in management and training. Then they would re-home the horses once they were fully rehabilitated and had their basic training
In the following 12 months Claire welcomed 6 new horses at the centre and was surprised by Maverick the mule’s arrival in the July. Selena had been hiding a wonderful secret! In total there were 9 very individual equines with physical, behavioural and emotional issues to overcome. Courses started in September 2016 with Claire doing demonstrations and teaching students alongside some of the best educators in the equine world.. They ran Courses in Connection Training, Barefoot Hoof Care, Equine Anatomy, Academic Art of Riding and Ethology and Behaviour.

Live Coaching

Claire began to teach Clinics and individuals. She was invited to the Azores, Portugal to give a weekend clinic by a Connection Training member. Once there Claire worked with different horses on the island and spent an afternoon at Ninovan Horse Rescue working with the staff and horses.

Claire gave a weekend clinic in Madrid by another Connection Training student who had a PRE stallion who needed to learn about relaxation. Another student wanted to work on agility training and another on eye care. During quieter times she was able to have private students come to study with her at the Centre.


Online Coaching

Claire has been offering online coaching since she qualified as a CT Coach. Covid-19 has meant that the Centre in Spain has been closed since last March and it is unclear when students will be able to come again for live learning. However, Claire’s on-line Coaching has been busy and filled the gap for her students. Claire’s students have been astonished at how effective online coaching can be, given the right Coach. They have overcome issues such as over-excitement, catching problems, leading problems etc and all soon find that they have calm, relaxed equines to work with. Claire loves helping people and their equine partners from all over the world with the power of the internet. Claire will be dedicating more time to online coaching in the coming months. This had led her to join the International Association Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC) as a supporting member. Over the next 6 months Claire will work towards becoming a Certified Horse Behaviour Consultant with the IAABC.


Equine Charities


Claire is working on exciting projects with some Equine Rescue Centres and Equine Charities. The projects will involve remote staff training and support for people wanting to rehome a rescued equine.


Working around the round pen

"I was very impressed by Claire's approach to training. I got to know horses with heart breaking past histories. She has given them a new chance and they have come a long way !! I admire her patience, understanding and respect for each horse, her knowledge of Connection Training methods while being flexible in each moment of training in order to maintain connection to the individual horse."  Ina Thompson, UK