Birthday: May 15, 2009

Triana arrived in November 2016 after her owners had been looking for a new home for her for many months.


Triana had problems with other horses because she had been food deprived when she had a foal at foot. She had had to defend her food from other horses so that she could eat enough to produce milk for the foal. This meant that her owners were unable to go out with her and other horses as she became dangerous. In one incident, her owner was kicked by Triana  and had to spend 3 weeks in hospital. Consequently her owners lost a lot of confidence and decided that a more knowledgeable home was required to help Triana through her issues.


They had been looking for a new home for her without much luck. Being caring and responsible people they wanted a great home for Triana and were worried what would happen to her if an understanding home wasn’t found. In the wrong home, she would have been beaten and probably ended up sent to the meat man because she wouldn’t behave.


She is now much softer and loves her training almost as much as we love her.


When Triana arrived she wasn't very aware of where she was placing her feet or how high she was stepping over objects - her body awareness wasn't great.


Using ground poles working with her at liberty has enabled her to become more body aware. 


Working at liberty has meant that she has been able to figure things out for herself.


In the photo she is being guided over the poles using a hand held target which she has been trained to follow. Using targets gives the horses clarity about where we would like them to stand, walk etc. Cues are very clear which Triana finds essential to training sessions. If she is unsure of what is being asked she will disengage and walk off. Giving her this ability to choose to leave the session has made her much calmer and less likely to explode.


As Triana became softer and calmer we started to work at the mounting block.


In the beginning she didn't really like scratches, but as she developed wither scratches became a favourite.


We started hanging out at the mounting block not asking anything and concentrating on soft, relaxation.


The mounting block becomes a favourite place where good things happen.



Triana and Pegaso have made quite a close bond and although she and Leo are friends she much prefers to mutual groom with Pegaso.


Triana has become a superstar with her feet and is a regular demonstration horse on our Hoof Trimming for Horse Owner Courses.


She is very relaxed to have strangers handle her feet, which is big progress for her - she used to get very impatient and didn't like to stand still.


The body awareness work has helped her become more balanced and happier to stand on 3 legs.

Triana's Gymnastic Ground Work

In April 2018 Hannah Weston came out to run a 4 day Gymnastic Ground Work Course.


The affect on Triana's body was amazing, at the start of the week she was quite stiff in her quarters which can be normal for her as she is unbalanced in her body with a weak hind end. As the week progressed she became much more relaxed in her body and her movements became much more fluid. As a consequence of this she was much softer in her personality as her body was more supple and flexible, overall a much happier horse in mind and body.


As a result of this we have kept up with her gymnastic training, developing the exercises very slowly making sure that Triana can stay relaxed and happy.