When Pegaso was first rescued.

Pegaso is one of our most complicated cases for recovery from physical and emotional scars.  Years of starvation have taken their toll on his digestive system and as he is such a sensitive being, his anxiety can also result in physical symptoms. We have taken a holistic approach to his healing and we have seen much improvement and progression but we know that this will be a long journey to continually improve his ability to thrive and lessen his distress levels.


Pegaso is so gentle with the other members of the herd and plays with the young horses. We will continue to provide veterinary supervision and tend to his medical needs. As Pegaso can regularly experience pain, the reward-based and force free training allows Pegaso to communicate to use his real emotions and needs and enable him to make choices. This helps with his anxiety and he very much enjoys participating in activities or letting us know what he is unable to do due to his conditions.


To help Pegaso build his confidence we have been offering him novel objects to investigate and play with.


Here we are having fun with a space hopper toy that he can hold and swing about



This is Pegaso and Tiny.


Tiny isn't 2 years old yet - he has a great play drive so he has been with Pegaso in the day paddock and encouraging him to move ans play.


The results have been amazing!



When Pegaso first arrived he was subdued and didn't run and play.


Now he has more confidence and feels better in his body so he is able to run and stretch and let off steam.


He is very much like Shrek from the animated film in that he is like an onion with lots of layers.


As time passes the layers are coming off and we are really understanding who Pegaso is. You can see that from the top photo of him when he was first rescued he had been without food for a long time to get into that awful condition.


He is such a softee and now really enjoys a good scratch.



Pegaso and Self Selection for Natural Remedies

We had suspected that he was suffering from gut issues, because of some behavioural changes and the fact he tends to look a bit bloated. Earlier in 2018 Zoopharmacognosy Practitioner Kim Bartlett can out to visit us, so we could get to know eachother and work out how we could run an introductory weekend to Equine Self Selection for Natural Remedies.


We asked Kim to look at Pegaso and we were intrigued as to what Natural Remedies he may choose.


Below is a video of him selecting Marshmallow Root Powder. Kim explained that the powder was excellent for soothing and healing the gut. 


You will see in the video he was ingesting it rather than just smelling which suggests that his body really needed it.


We now keep some to hand and offer him top ups which he can decide to take or leave.