Our Rescue Horses

Meet our latest rescue Liberty!(aka Libby)

Rescue Horse called Tiny

Tiny Mite

Rescue pony called Hope


Rescue Horse called Leonera


Rescue Horse called Manuela


Rescue Horse called Pegaso


Rescue pony called Valiente


Rescue horse called Selena


Rescue horse called Triana


Rescue mule foal called Maverick


Where do our horses come from?

 We rescue horses directly and take on horses & ponies who have previously been rescued by wonderful people and organisations. 
Once they have been physically healed, our purpose is to carry on with the rehabilitation of these animals on an emotional and behavioural level. The scars these horses bear can run very deep due to  abuse and neglect in early life. Using Positive Reinforcement Training we help them overcome their fear of humans to become happy, confident horses.


Horses for Re-Homing

Tiny Mite

Rescue horse called Tiny

Tiny has been reserved and will be travelling to Sweden in 2020.

We are looking forward to seeing how he loves his new home in a herd of playful geldings.


Tiny is now in Sweden at his forever home!


Have a look at his page for photos!


Rescue mule foal called Maverick

Maverick has been reserved but, happily will be staying with us until

he's 4 years old. We are delighted to be able to keep training him,

knowing he's going to a wonderful home. 


Rescue horse called Selena

We still have work to do with Selena to ensure she is ready for a new home. We invite you to let us know if you might be interested in giving her a forever home sometime in 2022.

You will be able to spend time with her during this period to get to know her before we all make the final decision.