Claire Waldron founder of Cortijo de Segura
Claire Waldron founder of Cortijo de Segura
Rachel Bedingfield Co-Founder of Connection Training
Rachel Bedingfield Co-Founder of Connection Training

Their unique connection and the bridge they have built between online learning and a safe haven for hands on positive horse training

They met in 2014 when Claire signed up for the first Elite Coaching Student Program of Connection Training. Rachel and Claire experienced a special bond that brought them together again the following year when Rachel accepted Claire’s invitation to come to Spain after her husband died.

Rachel worked through her loss by helping Claire and her horse Segura deepen their mutual trust and strengthen their connection. In turn, Claire’s family welcomed Rachel with open arms and gave her a safe haven to mourn her loss.

Claire becomes the first Connection Training Instructor
A year later Claire experienced her own traumatic loss when her beloved horse Segura died in an accident. Rachel spent time with Claire, keeping her focused on her dream of becoming a Connection Training Qualified Instructor. They worked together with other horses in order help Claire through her loss, and to fulfil the requirements Claire needed to become an instructor. In September 2016, that dream came true.

Cortijo de Segura is born
Being there for one another during these times, a connection was created that subsequently led them to build a bridge between the home-study Connection Training Courses, and a safe haven for learning. Together they created “Cortijo de Segura” which is now the home of Positive Horse Training Spain.

Our farm is named after Claire's beautiful rescue mare Segura.

Cortijo de Segura means Segura's Farm. Segura means "safe"and our haven is in her memory.

Claire with some of the horses