Manuela was found waiting to be sent to be slaughtered for meat.


Birthday: June 15, 2013

Manuela was saved from slaughter from the meat market. She was very quiet at first and disengaged from the world around her and wasn’t interested in forming bonds with other horses. We didn’t know what her experiences had been and as she was only young we made sure that she was given time to adjust to her new life at the Centre.


Although Manuela enjoyed cuddles, she was obviously very depressed.  She was withdrawn and was completely shut down. Our mission was to enable her to switch her brain on by using positive reinforcement. Slowly Manuela started to realise that that this process meant she was having fun and getting the right answers, which she loved and we saw her come to life again!


Manuela’s true bubbly and cheeky personality now shines through. She is a core member of our herd and plays a pivotal role in stabilising the group. She has also developed a strong pair bond with Valiente.



We have started Manuela under saddle and are building her confidence in carrying a rider as well as building her body physically through gymnastic groundwork. She is a huge favourite with all our clients as she bonds easily and responds sensitively to body and breath cues.  


In September 2017 Manuela was introduced to the 12 Trainee Connection Training Instructors who were out on a weeks' long camp to practice their skills and learn new things too.


Her she is with Suzy Deurinck have a cuddle in between training sessions.



Over the winter we started working with Manuela over ground poles to start with and then raising them up to help her with her body awareness.


Getting out and about has also been a large part of Manuela's education in the.


She is only 5 and we don't know what her background was before she was rescued. It is so important to make her adventures out into the big wide world as positive and calm as possible.


Going out for walks is one of her favourite things to do


One thing we like to do with the youngsters is play around at the mounting block with them at liberty giving them free choice to move away if they need too.


Asking Manuela to line up, stand still and have people gently leaning over at the mounting block is  all great practice.


We are aiming for very calm, relaxed horses at the mounting block. The behaviour then transfers to ridden work in the future as they are happy and relaxed to be there.

Manuela's Gymnastic Ground Work

In April 2018 Hannah Weston came out to run a 4 day Gymnastic Ground Work Course closely followed by Angelica Hesselius with her Positive Academic Art of Riding course. Manuela was a superstar and became a firm favourite with the guests.