Our Learning Holidays are re-launching starting October 2021.


We will be running a training camp each month until June 2022 and then from late September onwards.


Please email Claire to get onto the info list: clairewaldron@msn.com

Learning Holidays

Take a learning holiday with us in beautiful Andalucia. Working with our horses, you will find a new deeper way to connect. Our focus is always on horse AND human feeling relaxed, confident and happy. You will be amazed at how deeply you relax and chill out with the horses as you progress.

We give you the skills to be a comforting and calm presence for your horse. This work is truly life-changing and you may well find many parallels in other areas of your life. 


Topics We Cover:

  • Get started with Connection Training - A new way of training which is force free, gentle, fair and rewarding. You learn to connect with your horse at a deep level.
  • Gymnastic groundwork - Classical in-hand exercises for building suppleness, strength and straightness.
  • Physical Rehabilitation- Using poles and varied terrain to develop correct posture, self carriage and balance post injury, senior horses, rescues and those coming back into work.
  • Fear Rehabilitation- Working with anxious, spooky horses to help them become relaxed and safe to handle. 
  • Young/ Green Horse Training - Building calm confidence through methodical, structured training. Working on teaching your horse to turn to you for guidance rather than panicking.
  • Tricks, Obstacles and Horse Agility Training - Techniques for training and improving performance and having lots of fun with your horse.
  • Loading and Travelling - Creating confidence and enthusiasm for outings. Our force free fun approach can be adapted for all horses.
  • Personal Confidence - If you need a confidence boost we work with you in a calm methodical way which builds your self-belief to enable to relax with your own horse.
  • Personal Growth - Using mindfulness you'll engage with your chosen horse. We then help you to reflect on your session and how you would like to proceed in your personal exploration.
  • Ethology, Enrichment and Empowerment - Exploring how to give horses a happy life through understanding their natural behaviour. We look at calming signals in action and ways to enrich your horses' daily life and become more self confident.


How We Work Together

These training opportunities are on a workshop basis. These topics are what we are working on with our horses during 2020, therefore you can pick and choose what you would like to work on. We help you to develop the skills you most need to take home to your own horse. We have a maximum of 4 students so each of you can decide what you'd like to work on. 


The thing that our students tell us they love the most is that they feel completely at home. They say that they felt supported to always feel comfortable and relaxed. We are just as kind to you as we are to our horses.




"It was fun, heart warming, incredible, interesting and I can't wait to come back xxx" - Laura Knoops, Netherlands

What's Included?

  • 5 Hours per day practical tuition with the horses
  • Private room (1 en-suite, 3 share 2 bathrooms)
  • Villa with private pool and large garden
  • Spacious lounge with log burner
  • Fully equipped kitchen/ diner 
  • Local transport
  • Free transfer from Granada 
  • Self-catering (transport to supermarket) The village has a corner shop and taverna
  • Leisure time to explore the beautiful area including the cultural city of Granada
  •  EXTRA: 2 hour theory session with free tapas and drinks during Rachel's course!



Explore our La Casa page to see the lovely villa you will stay in during your visit. Our area is beautiful and full of treasures to explore. There is hiking, wild swimming, superb Roman ruins, and, of course, the World Heritage Alhambra Palace. 

You are welcome to bring a non-horsey friend to share your room at a discounted price. Train horses in the morning and holiday in the afternoon. Finish off with tapas at a traditional restaurant in the evening. Bliss!


We are a Registered Charity and your money helps to support the horses and our work with other charities to educate about best practice to rehabilitate rescue horses. Your time with us helps our horses learn to trust new people and progress with their rehabilitation. Around 50% of your fee goes directly to support our Charity.


Residential price per day (self-catering)


Rachel Bedingfield - 300 euros 

Claire Waldron - 200 euros


Non- horsey friends/ partners sharing your room: 25 euros per night


Book 3 days or more and get a 15% discount!


Non- residential price per day (self-catering)

Rachel Bedingfield - 225 euros

Claire Waldron - 125 euros


Claire is available all year round. Rachel is available March, May, October to January 2021.


Please contact Claire to discuss when you'd like to come!