Support for Equine Charities

Positive reinforcement horse training for standing at a target

We offer support in behavioural rehabilitation to any Registered Equine Charity. Rescue charities do the incredible front-line job of taking in horses in terrible states. We leave the expert job of the physical rehabilitation to them. But once the horse’s health is stabilised and the horse is on the way to full recovery, behavioural problems often emerge and can impede their return to health and successful re-homing.

We train charity staff in modern training techniques, known as positive reinforcement. Have a look at our process and you’ll understand how we work with traumatised horses to help them to become easy to handle and, if appropriate, safe to ride. 

Online Coaching

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The starting place is online coaching. This starts as a consultation where we discuss what any particular equine needs. This evaluation is usually done within the Charity, often in conjunction with Qualified Equine Behaviour Practitioners and/or ourselves. Our job is to help draw up a working plan and to support staff to carry it out. We are there to help and advise when things don’t go to plan too. We can work with individuals or groups online, which is an excellent way to achieve your staff training goals.

Courses at the Centre

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We welcome charity staff to come and stay at our Centre to get live hands-on training. We have up to 10 equines in various stages of rehabilitation so staff get lots of experience with different issues.


Staff can attend as individuals or groups. We have accommodation for up to 10 people, though we recommend courses are limited to 6 hands-on participants.


We plan to raise funds to provide scholarships for staff to attend. Our aim is to raise donor funds to finance this programme so that we can help charities within their budgets. Visit our courses page to get more detail about our Courses.


These Courses are tailor-made for you so please email Claire to discuss how we can help you.  

Post-Adoption Support

Rescue horse for adoption

Successful adoption after rescue and primary rehabilitation is vital to enable charities to create spaces for more rescue cases. It can also create wonderful loving homes for horses for the rest of their lives. However, traumatised horses can find re-homing difficult and many new adopters struggle to make it successful and return the equine to the charity. We can help to make more adoptions successful by providing post-adoption support.


We can provide online support and education about positive reinforcement training for new adopters. We suggest a full three month programme as there is often an initial “honeymoon” period and then things can get difficult. By committing to this programme, adopters will be demonstrating complete commitment to their new equine. We hope to raise funds to support this programme so that charities can recommend it to their new adopters at a discounted price. Contact Rachel to discuss how we can help you to set up such a scheme.

Please Support Us

We are a Registered Charity and need donor funds to help us to keep our horses and spread the message about the best way to train and rehab horses. Please consider even a small monthly donation to join with us in making the world a better place for horses. Thanks.