Our Week In Pictures

Week Beginning 29th June

Happy 13th Birthday Selena!


Little did we know what she was carrying when she first came to us in 2016! 


Read more about Selena HERE

Our new arrival Libby and soon to be 3 years old Maverick shared some hay this week. That was before Libby decided she would rather have the hay to herself! Not surprising for a horse that has been food deprived for so long.

Week beginning 6th July 2020

Happy Birthday to both Valiente and Maverick!


Valiente has been here 5 years in September. Maverick was our surprise mule foal 3 years ago!


Claire's daughter Eva loves to pick different things for the horses and see what they like. 

Our newest arrival Libby was treated to some oat stalks this evening. She was very curious and happy to interact which is brilliant.