Positive Horse Training Spain


We are a Registered Charity in Spain

Pegaso when he was first rescued
Pegaso when he was first rescued


We are an equine rehabilitation centre, where we train using positive reinforcement. In other words, we wave carrots, not sticks!

Our mission is to demonstrate best practice for the emotional rehabilitation of rescued horses, through education. We provide support and training for Registered Equine Charities in the use of Positive Reinforcement Training for equines.  We also and train horse owners who have behavioural problems with their horses.

Our Approach

Our rehabilitation approach creates wonderful results. Traumatised horses become trusting, happy and interested in life again.


Our starting point is always to be with the horse where the horse is.  At the beginning we like to leave them to settle in with the herd without our interference. The herd are the greatest healers and it's a joy to watch new horses become part of the herd and form friendships.

From there, we treat each horse as an individual as we start to interact with them. Our positive, gentle slow approach takes time but is very effective in creating trusting and safe horses.

Support for Equine Rescue Charities

We train Charity Staff in modern training techniques, known as positive reinforcement. Have a look at our process and you’ll understand how we work with traumatised horses to help them to become easy to handle and, if appropriate, safe to ride. 

We provide education and support both online and hands-on at our Centre. We also provide post-adoption support for people who adopt horses, in partnership with Charities.

We are currently creating recognised qualifications for charity staff in using positive reinforcement for rehabilitation. 


Go to our Support for Charities page for more information.


Support for Horse Owners

If you are struggling with behaviour problems with your horse, we can help!  Have a look at our approach and you’ll understand how we work with horses with problems to help them to become easy to handle and, if appropriate, safe to ride. 


We usually provide online support initially, working with you to create a plan of action. This is a free service. From there, you can choose to go on to online coaching . 

We also offer courses and individual training at our Centre. Hands on experience with our horses is a fast-track way to learn the skills you need to help your own horse. 
Go to our Support for Horse Owners page for more information.

Please Support Us

 As you can see, we have big ambitions to bring the best in equine rehabilitation into the world.

Taking the time it takes to unpack their fears and deep anxiety takes much longer than most people expect. And this approach needs to be continued after the horse is re-homed or problems will emerge again and often the horse is returned to the charity.


We need all the help we can get to reach out to equine charities and support them to base their rehabilitation on positive reinforcement training. Staff need training and adopters need help and support too. We want to create scholarships for charity staff to learn with us and, soon, to gain qualifications which are recognised throughout the sector.

Please give us what you can. We are hugely grateful for any donation at all. However, monthly donations help to put our finances on a secure footng and make future planning easier. Whatever you give, it is wonderful to know that we are part of a great group of people who want to change the world for horses.

Thank you, 

Claire and Rachel