Positive Academic Art of Riding with Angelica Hesselius

In this course, you will learn about the theory and practice of training horses gymnastically to create soundness for life. The Course will all be ground-work and will cover, close in- hand work, lungeing and long-reining.

Angelica specialises in teaching this Classical approach using positive reinforcement. She has studied both for many year and is a Qualified Connection Training Coach.She is qualylfied to teach the Academic Art of Riding.




The Academic Art of Riding was created by Bent Branderup with the aim to bring back the knowledge of the old dressage masters and to explain their work.


The ideals of the Academic Art of Riding are:


  • Using systematic gymnastic exercises to promote the horse's physical and mental well being.
  • Using dressage for the horse not the horse for dressage.
  • Looking upon dressage as an art that offers horse and human a task in their life that can be performed with dignity until a great age.
  • Honouring the art of riding in a celebrating manner.
  • Enlarging the circle of those who are dedicated to this art

"We trained the horse with a positive spirit with Angelica, she gave good instructions. During and after our lesson we had constructive discussions" - Sara- Huri Thornelad, Sweden

Daily Programe

After breakfast at La Casa you will go straight to work with the horses. Lessons will be one-to-one with Angelica. She will discuss with you what kind of training you would like to cover and help you to select the best horse to work with for the Course.


Lessons will be a mixture of practical hands-on work and discussions on the theory behind the practice. You will always feel supported and confident as you learn.


We stop for a coffee-break mid-morning, which gives the group an opportunity to discuss the events of the day so far. Then back to horse-training until lunch in the early afternoon. This is followed by a siesta, where you can sleep, go for a walk or lounge by the pool.


We gather together again round 5 o’clock to discuss progress and make plans for the next day. This is followed by dinner on the terrace in the warm Spanish evening. You are guaranteed lots of horsey chat as the wine flows. Bliss!



  • Sun-hat and tough shoes/boots.
  • Notebook and pen
  • Water bottle
  • Sun-tan and Insect Creams
  • Swim-suit
  • Towels and Bedding Provided


April Course Dates:

Arrival: from 2pm 25th April

Tuition Days: 26, 27, 28 April

Departure: 12pm 29th April


November Course Dates:

Arrrival: from 2pm 18th November

Tuition Days: 19, 20, 21st November

Departure: 12pm 22nd November





Price Includes:

  • 3 FULL days tuition
  • Use of Centre horses and facilities
  • 4 nights accommodation in a shared room (max 3 per room).
  • All meals, including unlimited wine with evening meals.
  • Meal at traditional Spanish restaurant one evening.
  • Full use of our pretty villa, with garden and solar-heated pool.
  • Transfers from Granada Airport and Loja Bus Station (Express Coach from Malaga)

Not Included: Flights, travel costs etc to the Centre (except transfers from Granada Airport and Loja bus station), Compulsory Travel Insurance covering horse-based activities (required).

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Positive Academic Art of Riding

25th - 29th April 2019

Positive Academic Art of Riding

18th - 22nd November 2019

About Angelica

Horses and horse training are my greatest passions. In my own riding I focus on balance and lightness. Both from a horse and a riders individual point of view, but more important, as a unit. Riding and horse training should be fun! For both of us!  A pursuit of balance and equilibrium in both horse and human. 

In the beginning of my education I wanted to study hippology and become a more traditional horse trainer. That changed 2001, when I started training Academic Art of Riding taught by Katrin Wallberg. For some years I explored this with my Islandic horse Kolskeggur. This in turn led me to find Christina Drangel from Drangelska Ridinstitutet. Christina has developed my feeling and structure and has given me many different tools to work with. I attended to her education in the Integrated Art of Riding between 2008-2011. Integrated Art of Riding originate from the principles of classical dressage and the goal is that all training should add value for the horse. 

Around this time I also came in contact with longreining work and I for 2 years I was a part of a training group led by the dutch Piet Bakker. A lovely horse trainer. Some of us from that group continued educating ourselves together, focusing instead on the teaching part.

It is my horse Koppar is the one who showed me the way to new education and he was the one who made me start training reward based in 2012. This with much help and guidance from  Carolina Thyselius- Fransson. This changed both my life and the life of my horses a lot and probably is the most important thing to happen in my horselife. It has not been an easy cross over but very educational. To learn even more and to be able to educate others I have also studied with Carolina in her online education. Back then, a year long distance education that really improved my structure and set up, working towards a more pedagocial way to explain to both horses and humans.

Since I did not want to loose contact with my roots in the art of riding, I also arranged a 2 year long education in the Academic Art of Riding with  Hanna Engström as instructor. Hanna has developed my eye for small details and a focus on some much change small things can bring to the larger picture. Hanna also made me more aware of both my own and my horses body.

At the moment I immerse myself in the reward based horse training with the amazing people at Connection Training. I am studying to become a Connection Training Coach and during this year I have met  fantastic people from all over the world. In 2018 I will be a part of a new organisation in Sweden. Our aim is to spread positive reinforcement as a training method and to provide support, motivation and information for horsepeople looking for different ways to train and socialize with their horses





Transfer information for courses held at Cortijo de Segura


From Malaga Airport:


ALSA bus company runs buses from Malaga Airport and Malaga Bus Station:

You can buy tickets on line: it’s best to book in advance to be certain of a seat.

www.alsa.com   -   then search for buses from Malaga to Loja.

There is also an ALSA ticket office directly outside Malaga airport arrivals. (Be aware that not all buses leave from and terminate at the airport – there are more frequent buses from the bus station).

We will meet you at Loja by arrangement. Please confirm your arrival time with us.


Our preferred pick up time is 16:00 at Loja and we would ask you to organise your travel accordingly. We can arrange alternative pick up times but - as you may appreciate – courses are busy and staff and transport availability limited.


Similarly, for drop off for your return flight from Malaga, the first bus leaves Loja at 8:40 (arriving Malaga Airport at 10:30) so you will need to arrange your flights to suit. Check ALSA website for all journeys – times subject to change.


Should you wish to travel from Malaga Airport to Malaga Bus Station, there is a regular shuttle bus that leaves from directly outside arrivals (3 euro). Frequency – approx. 15-20mins -  leaves from a blue stand (autobus aeropuerto).


Similarly, at Malaga Bus station the airport bus leaves from blue stand at right angles to main bus stands. There is a left luggage facility at Malaga Bus Station.


Transfers from Granada Airport.

Granada is the nearest airport to Cacin and is 40 minutes by car. We can meet your flight.

You should book flights to ensure arrival in Granada between 15:00 and 18:00 on the start date for the course.

We will accommodate alternative pickups by arrangement if this proves difficult.


Car Rental


Both airports have car rental. We can put you in touch with other course participants - with their permission – so you can co-ordinate car hire share if you wish.

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Positive Academic Art of Riding

25th - 29th April 2019

Positive Academic Art of Riding

18th - 22nd November 2019

"Best learning experience ever!" - Jan Wilkinson, UK