My Journey Horse with Maggie Roux


 Have you ever said, “She is my journey horse?” The horse that came into your life and changed everything for you. The one that needed so much help and support, you had to learn new ways and resist those who told you differently. And in the process, you found that you had changed. Maybe you became softer and more considerate. Maybe you became tougher and more assertive. Whatever happened, it was due to that horse at that time. You will always be grateful that she arrived when she did. She was just what you needed to move you on. 



 On this weekend, we explore the journey horse in our lives. Led by a highly experienced and empathic tutor, Maggie Roux, we explore our life’s journey through identifying archetypes which have most relevance to us. These are the roles and characters that we and others adopt as we live our life stories.  Each archetype has its strengths and its weaknesses and its appropriate and inappropriate uses. Unused archetypes are like treasures buried inside of us, waiting to be discovered.




For example, maybe the Creator archetype is currently very active for you. You have been restless for a while and felt you needed change but couldn’t choose a direction. This will be reflected in your personal profile and Maggie will work with you to find how to support your dreams and make them a reality.


Our journey horses are usually with us at major changes in our lives. Maybe you had to give up your journey horse when you moved home and are still sad for your loss. Maybe you always dreamed of having a horse and finally got yours when the kids left home. The journey you’ve been on since has changed your life. Or perhaps you know that this is the last horse you’ll own, and you’d like to reflect on what that has meant to you and how to add that into your life legacy.




Along with this reflection, you can choose one of our Centre horses to go with on a mini weekend journey. Simply looking at your choice will tell a lot about your stage in life: challenging yourself; relaxing yourself; looking for fun and play or looking for simple connected companionship. You choose the activity you do with your horse and simply explore and experience that new relationship.

This is a weekend for people who are interested in the role of their horses in our lives. It’s a reflective weekend, facilitated by sessions beside the cosy fire. Maggie uses the medium of film to explore the archetypes to help you to understand the meaning of your personal profile. In particular, she explores life stages in the story of Rhiannon, a Celtic horse goddess. We connect our own stories with hers and discover the wisdom we’ve learnt in connecting with our own Journey Horses.


The weekend can be deeply healing, as you are looked after with good food and a beautiful environment. You spend time chilling out with your chosen horse. Then enjoy good company while you explore the deeper side of yourself.


A great way to end the year and get yourself in mental and emotional shape for the New Year.

"A very thought provoking weekend, moved me on in developing my personal ideas, and a whole horse,  whole of  life approach. Really looking forward to where this goes. Missing Selena already and all horses dogs and people" - Debbie Busby, UK



  • Sun-hat and tough shoes/boots.
  • Notebook and pen
  • Water bottle
  • Sun-tan and Insect Creams
  • Swim-suit
  • Towels and Bedding Provided




Course Dates:


Arrival: from 2pm 13th December

Tuition Days: 14, 15 December

Departure: 12pm 16th December









Price Includes:


  • 2 FULL days tuition
  • 3 nights accommodation in a shared room (max 3 per room).
  • Use of Centre horses and facilities
  • Trip to Granada
  • All meals, including unlimited wine with evening meals.
  • Full use of our beautiful villa, with garden and solar-heated swimming pool.
  • Trip to Granada to see the Christmas lights and do soem shopping
  • Transfers from Granada Airport and Loja Bus Station (Express Coach from Malaga)


Not Included: Flights, travel costs etc to the Centre (except transfers from Granada Airport and Loja bus station), Compulsory Travel Insurance.



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My Journey Horse

13th - 16th December 2019

About Maggie




 Maggie was a Principal Lecturer in Media Studies at Leeds University for over 30 years. She specialised in using popular culture, especially film, to help therapists, medics and religious ministers to be more effective in their work. She had a deep interest in mythology of all cultures and how the same mythological themes are present in all human societies. She taught courses such as Myth, Meaning and Movies and Screening Spiritualities for students to understand how these mythological themes and characters play out again and again.

She was also a Personal Development Tutor and used the work of Caroline Meiss and Carol Pearson for her personal growth work with students. 


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My Journey Horse

13th - 16th December 2019

"Best learning experience ever!" - Jan Wilkinson, UK