Course Review Series - Hoof Trimming for Horse Owners

As bookings come in for this years' courses it is good to remember all the courses we ran in our first season starting last September. It's incredible to think that only started running courses in September last year, the response was amazing. All the courses had so much going on so this will be a Course Review Series for those people who were unable to come or un decided get a flavour for what goes on here at Cortijo de Segura during a course.


We started with Hoof Trimming for Horse Owners with Lesley Holehouse, Rachel Bedingfield and Claire Waldron. We had guests from Ireland,  Finland, Spain, UK and all the way from Canada and the Azores!


Lesley headed up the course with her incredible knowledge of hooves and trimming which also included hoof dissection, Rachel went into detail about how lifestyle and diet can affect the horses hooves and Claire showed how to train horses to have their feet trimmed. It was a brilliant in depth course covering much more than just trimming with wonderful participants.


We also had great fun socialising and cooking together in between learning.



Everyone learnt so much and the horses were great considering it was their first course with lots of new people handling their feet. They are all rescue horses with either emotional and/ or physical problems due to neglect, we were very proud of them.


We love learning from Lesley and are really lucky that she is helping us with our rescues, the ongoing coaching for the hoof trimming is invaluable. She is also a trained saddle fitter for Free and Easy saddles which are completely adjustable and move with the horse. As the horses change shape from season to season and develop physically we can adjust the saddle to make sure we have the best fit and the horses remain comfortable.


We are really looking forward to running this course again in March and an advanced Hoof Trimming for Horse Owners in September.


Hoof Trimming for Horse Owners March 2018




I was fortunate enough to see Lesley Holehouse run her hoof trimming course last year. It was brilliant! What an informative lady. And as for the venue, ahhhhhhhh.
Relaxing by the pool with a glass of wine. Alfresco candle lit dinners. Sitting with like minded people. The positivity flowed. I came home feeling as if I had been on holiday, as well as learning masses! 
The team are great, warm and welcoming. 
And, haven't laughed as much for ages! 
Thank you all you lovely peeps at Cortijo de Segura. Xx

Jane Felton reviewed Cortijo de Segura — 5 star
where duly provided on how to address them. We were given an insight into the amazing work that the trainers have accomplished with all the rescue horses and ponies at the centre, some who sadly have suffered from emotional and/or physical neglect. It was wonderful to see the trust that these horses and ponies obviously now have in Claire and Rachel and their wonderful team. 
Downtime in between training sessions could either be spent back at the villa, relaxing by the pool, in the garden or having a lounge upstairs on the very comfy sofas. 
Each evening meal was spent in great company on the outside terrace, with tasty home-cooked food, plentiful wine and a lot of laughs, I still miss everyone!
It truly was an extremely enjoyable week, spent with a fantastic group of ladies with joint purposes in mind, which is to provide the best possible care for the equines in our lives. 
I returned home with a renewed confidence in my own work with barefoot trimming, increased knowledge and knowing I can rely on the support of Lesley Holehouse for future back up and advice whenever it's needed. The wealth of knowledge that Lesley has accumulated during her years trimming hooves and the experts she has worked and trained with is priceless in my opinion! 
I definitely wish to enrol on future training courses at the centre and further my knowledge and would like to take this opportunity to wish Claire, Rachel and Lesley all the best for the Connection Training Centre's future success, you deserve it!
Lesley Woodward reviewed Cortijo de Segura — 5 star
iesta hours and enjoyed a very welcome dip in the pool and relaxed in the many outside areas, or the airy upstairs lounge.
The course was well organized and thought out - we didn’t just learn how to trim barefoot horses, from one of the worlds best trimmers, but also had the benefit of Rachel Bedingfield’s scientific expertise, with a demo on the digestive system and how it affects the hoof. Lesley (who also makes saddles) did a saddle fitting demo, showing how that can adversely affect the whole horse. Our host, Claire, showed us how she taught a fearful and dangerous rescue pony to have his feet trimmed.
An excellent 5 days and a wonderful bunch of women, students and teachers, missing you all!

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    Miki (Wednesday, 07 March 2018 08:27)

    I jumped on the chance to fly to Spain from Vancouver Canada for this course last year and I am so glad I did.
    The course was packed full of information, not only about the mechanics of trimming but also how horse keeping impacts the hoof. Rachel gave some great classes on horse nutrition and behaviour and Leslie was so generous with her knowledge and such a great teacher. Leslie has trained all over the world with some big names in barefoot trimming but is as down to earth, kind, and funny as anyone could dream of. I am much more confident trimming my own horse now.
    Claire did a wonderful and inspiring demo of hoof trimming in protected contact with rescue pony, Valient, that blew me away.
    The casa was comfortable and well appointed with lots of yummy meals and great bonding experiences with the other participants.
    An experience of a lifetime. I hope to be back again for other courses.

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    Joseph (Wednesday, 09 January 2019 21:41)

    Can u ring me on 07427682666 about the trading please